Power Point – Sticky Closings Help the Audience Remember Your Power Point Presentation

Avoid summary slides at the end of your deck. When people hear or read the word ‘summary’ they think “I’ve heard this already” and mentally they move on to the next thing in their day.

Your closing should be a call-to-action that excites the audience, so they leave thinking “Yes, I’ll do that!” Here are 5 techniques to close your presentation with a message that sticks.

1) Take the audience to the future. Whether the future is a few months ahead or 3-5 years from now, you will create stickiness with a closing that transports the audience to that future time. To be effective, the closing must show them participating in the future and that good things await them.

2) Fold your key points into a story. You can hide your recap of key points by crafting an appealing story that incorporates them. Let’s say your key points are 1) current problems; 2) obstacles that must be overcome to address the problems and 3) solutions. Craft a future story that ends with the solutions. You can create 1 or 2 characters by name, make the problems ones they are facing, describe how they overcome the obstacles and then how they enjoy the benefits of the solution.

By crafting a story with great language, you make the message very sticky, unlike a summary list of the key points.

3) Craft a meaningful refrain or tag line. Some examples my clients have used include:

  • That’s partnership
  • Your vision is our vision
  • Real goals, real success

Then you couple the refrain with some statements that you might otherwise have used in a summary.


  • 24/7 Help Desk-That’s partnership.
  • Clear lines of communication-That’s partnership
  • Perfectly aligned goals-That’s partnership

4) Ask a question that incorporates the most important key point.


“How about you? How will you make a difference to long-time customers who want the best service and are willing to pay our price?”

5) Read a powerful a quotation with passion and conviction. A quote from a famous person who is relevant to your audience and the topic is a great way to elevate the end of the presentation.

  • If you have been talking about leadership, use a quote from someone who is regarded by the vast majority as a great leader.
  • If your topic is service, quote someone who is known for great service.
  • If your topic is technology, quote an inventor or a successful IT figure.

Be sure to write the quote on a sheet of paper and read it while holding the sheet in your hands. Do NOT type it into a slide. This is a great time to use a blank blue slide. The audience will then really hear you and leave feeling that they were glad they came.