Closing The Deal – Present Measurable Benefits

Today, most advanced sales professionals know that they should focus on the benefits customers reap from their product or service, and not the features. (If you’re still focusing too much on features, you need to change!) Saying that things are better, faster, cheaper, more efficient, cost-effective, long-lasting, smarter, etc. sounds good, and may get the listener’s attention, but it doesn’t motivate action.

People want to gain rewards and avoid the risk of pain. Making things measurable enables people to grasp the true gain/pain motivation. Which option is more persuasive:

A. This is an energy-efficient Air Conditioner.

B. This Air Conditioner, which costs $200 more than the other, will save you $16 per month on electric bills. That means over 25 months, the savings will pay twice what you initially paid.

The savings angle has a second side: the risk of pain incurred if you do not make the investment. For instance, if you do not buy the Air Conditioner in the prior example, you will pay an additional $16 per month in electric bills. If the Air Conditioner lasts 5 years, you will be spending over $500 extra over the life of the machine, which is much more than you would save by buying an energy-efficient option.

Remember that every sales presentation is really a form of brand management, and by focusing on the advantage(s) that your product offers over the competitors’, you can effectively counter-punch the opponent without badmouthing them. So the next time you’re making a sales presentation, be as concrete, measurable and monetized as possible.