2 Ways Living in the Past Can Get You Stuck in the Present

Have you ever wished that things were just as they happened to be once upon a time? Are you in the habit of spending much of your day regretting your mistakes and failures of months or years gone by? You are not alone if your answer is yes.

Millions of people around the globe find themselves in your situation. I must confess that almost every one of us, myself included, would at one moment or the other, find ourselves trapped in this self-defeating habit.

Yes, the condition of constant nostalgia or regret about what went right or wrong in the past is like a trap. It can get you stuck in the present moment in such a way that you’re rendered completely immobile, both mentally and physically. And you and I know that the moment we’re unable to use our mind and our body to do what needs to be done is the moment we begin to suffer lack of achievement and retarded personal progress.

Let me show you two ways in which your inability to let go of the past is undermining your desire to see an improvement in your circumstances – be it career advancement, personal relationships or educational aspirations.

1. Wishing for the return of the good old days will only make you stagnate for the rest of your life.

The basic truth is that the good old days were good only when they were good. If the same conditions of ten years ago were to return to you today, you’d quickly realize how incompatible they are with the current situation.

One reason for this is that humankind and the world in which we live are constantly changing either for the worse or for the better. Our tastes, our desires, our technology and our worldview of today have moved on. So must you.

You don’t want to be seen as old-fashioned or to feel like you’re still where you’ve always been. That is why you need to wake up to the reality of the moment and take advantage of all the positives it has to offer.

Stop allowing the shiny little things of the past to block your view to the wonderful possibilities of the present and the future.

2. Your persistent feeling of regret about what went wrong in the past is never an enabler.

A feeling of constant regret is rendering you incapable of moving forward with your life. The constant worrying is causing you health problems like stress and depression. It is the main cause of your current inability to think straight, plan and execute your life goals effectively.

The only way to begin to make yourself capable of putting your life back in order is to pick and use the useful lessons from your past mistakes and failures and for the last time, get rid of the bitter memories.

As for the good old days, trust me, they won’t feel all that good anymore should they come back today because so much has changed. So be thankful for what life presents to you today and be proud of what you achieved in the past. That’s enough.That’s the way to move forward.